5 Tips to become more tolerant to others

Have you ever found yourself in a situating when it becomes quite difficult to tolerate someone’s words or actions? Have you ever felt that you had not done well enough as a social citizen? When you live at a place where people come from a different religion, region, and cultures the conflicts can arise. It is not necessary for all to agree with what you think. People may have different opinions. People are judged by their actions and intolerance means you don’t agree with their views and don’t accept their responses. You think that you are right and other people are wrong.

What is tolerance?

Tolerance is the willingness to accept the beliefs and behaviors of others even if you do not agree with them.  When there are people there will be a difference of opinion. You should become wiser and tolerant so that you could accept other people’s views. It is highly essential to spread peace and tolerance in society. Start by controlling your anger that can lead you towards violence. Develop confidence in yourself and appreciate the difference. Learn about different people and try to understand why he has a different opinion than you. If someone does not agree with what you say you should not make it into a personal battle.

Become more tolerant:

There are numerous ways to become more tolerant:

  • Respect:

Open the door of tolerance by giving respect to others. If you want to get respect, then you should be respectful to others first. If you do not respect anyone how you can even think of being respectful.

  • Ignore ego:

You are bothered by the actions of other people, you are no longer focused on your work. Your ego may desire to retaliate in many satiations. An emotional line is crossed, and you feel stressed or frustrated. If you give your importance to your ego, you will not be able to avoid conflicts that may cause anger. Anger leads to violence so, it is better to be open hearted and open minded.

  • Own your feelings:

If there is something about others that is bothering you, it is good to accept. No matter the other people know about your feelings or not you should own your feelings. Accept what you feel about what others say to you. When you own your feelings, it becomes easy to understand the situation and be tolerant of what others think.

  • Empathize:

Empathizing with others is a great step to tolerating others. If something seems obvious to you may seem strange to others. You may have different experiences to draw on. So, instead of judging people on their behaviors and opinions try to empathize with them.

  • Listen to others:

You don’t agree with others does not mean that you have the right to be angry. You need to become more tolerant, and the best way is to listen to others carefully. If something is hard to accept you can figure out other’s perspective. Tolerance can only prevail in society when people start understanding other’s views.

Everyone is different, so the opinions will also be different. Learning about other cultures can help you avoid conflicts. If there will is any conflict try to resolve it calmly. Never jump on the opinions before listening to the person. Once you listen to what others are saying you can better understand their situation.   Sometimes people with low self-esteem become more intolerant to others. The people who are open-minded don’t take the negative experiences seriously. Nobody is inferior to you. The opinions of other people are also valuable so do not disrespect to your self-esteem.