How often to publish on Instagram?

Instagram is playing a growing role in the digital visibility of companies. It remains to be seen how often you have to publish content to win new subscribers, do not disturb and therefore lose your current subscribers and satisfy the algorithm of Instagram.

The consequences of the new algorithm

The algorithm changes of this year 2018 may lead you to reconsider your frequency of publication.

Indeed, you may have noticed that you see in your thread some publications dating from a few days or that you receive likes on posts several days after their publication. This is normal, the new algorithm decreases the global visibility of your posts but gives them a longer life.

Does this mean that you no longer need to post every day to stay visible? Or on the contrary to post more to maintain the same average level of visibility?

Better to post regularly

As we often tell you, there is no ideal publication frequency on Instagram, it depends on the goals you have set for this platform and the time you have for the creation of your content.

In any case, do not post every day or several times a day for a while and then post less regularly (for lack of time or content to share). It is better to post regularly, at a constant and constant pace.

However, you can increase your frequency of publication during specific events (promotions, organization of an event, product launch …). 

Use your statistics to post at the best time

If you use a business account, you have access to the hours during which you have as many online subscribers as possible to publish at that time.

We advise you to do some tests on several schedules with strong connections to find when your posts reach your audience. If you have the same type of community as many other brands, by posting at the peak of traffic, your posts may be drowned in your community’s feed as they receive a better welcome on a less busy schedule.

Always post quality content

While it is true that publishing more frequently you will reach more people, you must not skimp on the quality of your content. Low quality content will negatively impact your engagement rate and will not encourage new subscribers to join your community, and may even deter some of your real Instagram followers from continuing to follow you.

If you happen to have interesting content ideas to offer to your community but not the time or the means necessary to present it in a rewarding way, outsource the creation of your visuals or exploit the Stories where the contents do not have need to be as much worked as for your profile.

Find what’s best for your community

The best way to find out how many publications you have to offer to your community is to ask them directly. You can do this easily by using the Poll or Question stickers to ask them the question directly.

Alternatively, you can test and check for effectiveness with your Instagram stats (sorting your content by interaction rate).

Instagram’s new algorithm has focused on engagement. To ensure the best possible visibility for your posts, you must offer content that will interest your community. So you better post less and maintain excellent quality.